Hi, my name is Earth reeves, and my partner is Gary Neal, and my associate Steven crosson, are dedicated to building off the grid green communities. come join us as we explore all the possibilties, for building green communities, landscape developement, conservation of land, and all things to do with organic , and fair trade products for a greener tomorrow.

My newest project, will be extended range electric trike taxi cabs in copenhagen, denmark. look for updates for when i get started. Electric transportation is moving in the right direction. And i,m certain the future is bright for better electric transportation systems. and i,m on top of it.



we currently have twentyacres of land for developement in joeseph city arizona just 9 miles north of joeseph city off porter road at 5200 feet elevation. a unique location, with 300 days of sun light. our goal, to build affordable, energy efficient, housing for all! low impact on thee invironement housing with all the bells and whistles, solar energy, electricity wind turbines, optional....! backup battery systems air to water making machines energy efficient appliances, washing machines, ovens, airconditioners, microwave, light bulbs, you get the picture! our mission, is to involve all those that want to build a better community, that respects nature, and wants to stop the waste of energy that cost billions to consumers every year. if your a housing developer, tired of the old way of doing things in housing, then please get in touch and lets talk 21st century housing and developement for a greener tomorrow.
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