Hi, my name is Earth reeves, and my associates Gary neal and  Steven crosson, are dedicated to building, off the grid green communities. come join us as we explore all the possibilties, for building green communities, landscape developement, conservation of land, and all things to do with organic , and fair trade products for a greener tomorrow.

Steven Crosson

lic. ca. elec. contractors#


Steven crosson has been a  green developer for 25, years ,developing buildings using recycled materials.

Gary neal is a general contractor, remodeling homes, buildings, major recording studios. with 30 years experience.  liC# 867639 working hard in hawaii, thats tough huh! Smile !

We are World Green Project !

lead by example, to calm the masses.

Coming soon, will be my new electric transportation division.

Contact us,

Earth m reeves 1 213 2218322  45 31537674

Gary m neal  1310 770 7020

Steven crosson 1310 820 4199

Attention green developers, and investers we currently have twenty acres of land for developement near joeseph city arizona ,just 9 miles north of joeseph city off porter road at 5200 feet elevation. a unique location, with 300 days of sun light. our goal, to build affordable, energy efficient, housing for all! A world class low impact on thee environment, off the grid, community with all the bells and whistles, solar energy, electricity wind turbines, optional....! backup battery systems ,air to water making machines ,energy efficient appliances, washing machines, ovens, air conditioners, microwave, light bulbs, you get the picture! our mission, is to involve all those that want to build a better community, that respects nature, and wants to stop the waste of energy that cost billions to consumers every year. If your a housing developer,or investor tired of the old way of doing things in housing,or a green community builder looking for land to build on then please get in touch and lets talk 21st century housing and developement for a greener tomorrow. A community of green thinking people, who practice being green!who want to show the world a shining example of how living green can save money, promote healthy living, and keep carbon emissions down.

This site is still under construction. Thank you ! 

Remember to support WORLDGREENPROJECT. with your donaton. Also looking for investors!.

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